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Both Goholi Pty Ltd and Australia 4 Wheel Drive Rentals group are registered businesses and licensed Travel Agents in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. We specialise in 'land based' Australian tours and secondly 'selfdrive hire and rentals' across Australia.

This site is mainly for single travellers wishing to have a instant booking option which we don't supply. This site links out in a IFrame to the broker where you book direct with them thru this site. This affliate link partner is Australian based such as ourselves and is a industry leader.

We offer a more personal service with manual customise quoting for those wishing to discuss their travel plans if they wish to Kakadu 4 Tours.

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Mon - Fri 8am till 6pm
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Australia 4 Wheel Drive Rentals
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Within Australia 1800 107371 - Freecall
Tel International +61 8 7999 7511
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* Australian Registered Company
* Taxation and GST compliance

Goholi Pty Ltd Australia
Company Number 117 423 024
GPO Box 380, Darwin, Northern Territory Australia 0801
Licensed Australian Travel Agents NT147

Within Australia 1800 10 7371 - Freecall
Within Australia 08 7999 7511
Tel International +61 8 7999 7511

Email: info@goholi.com

* Australian Registered Company
* Taxation and GST compliance

Privacy policy - Disclaimer

Our senior management alone have collectively over 30 years in the travel industry from around th world. With experience gathered from organising tours of 1000+ people to exclusive tours for V.I.P.s.

Though our main business comes from you the 'Domestic Traveller' or 'F.I.T. Traveller' (Foreign Independent Travel). The person travelling alone, the family, the couple, the business person or group of friends. Whether you be 25 or 85 we will offer you the best customised and personalised service possible.

When we prepare a tour we actually spend a considerable amount of time deciding if the tour you are looking at suits your needs and desires. We like to know your dates and flexability so we can compare all the available options. We like to know your thoughts on the type of trip you envisage, your approx spending antcipation level and the people you like to travel with. Often a trip may be different to what one thinks it will offer.

Our quotes would be one of the most extensive quoting systems on offer. Usually some 3 pages, though these quotes tend to offer you as much information as a quote could offer. As you can tell from this page we are not a 'fly by night' company and we actually really enjoy our jobs and take pride in our work. We would also appreicate all the feedback possible on the tours we book for you and meet with you if your in Darwin - as we say 'the kettle is always on'.

Some of reasons you can feel confident in booking your next tour or recommending us.

• We are licensed Travel Agents. In Northern Territory to be a licensed travel agent you must have the proper creditionals and most of all relevant sound experience to be a licensed agent.

• Our licensee Rob has lived in Alice Springs and Darwin in Northern Territory from 1988 till now (except 1 year - 1994 in Perth). Rob grew up in the bush in Victoria high country of the Upper Yarra and coming from a family of horse trainers, rangers and conservationists. Rob has learnt bush tucker, bush medicine and the real spirit of outback Australia since he was five. Now some 40 years later his wealth of knowledge puts him in the league of travel specialists that you should be looking for. Rob also attended Northern Territory University to obtain his travel accreditations and adding his hands on experience for the last 10 years Rob has passed on this knowledge to his staff over the years.

• We are available till 6pm nightly.

• We try to get personalised and well thought out tour quotes to you within 2-6 hours between 9am-4pm weekdays and if we receive a quote after 4pm our time then next day. A quote also relies on our response from our listed tour operators. Charter quotes take longer.

• We generally work directly with the Tour operator in the quote.

• The only affiliated systems we would tend to use currently are the different state government tourism booking systems such as the Tours To Go and Wotiff all trusted and experience.

• We work with the tour operators personally when possible and hand in hand on all tours.

• As we have an extensive listed range of tour operators, one of the largest ranges in Northern Territory) we feel we can compare tours and provide you with their benefits and offer you the best tour that suits your needs and desire.

• As we only specialise in Australian land based tours (predominantly small group outback tours) though we have extensive knowledge on all other land based tours.

• Our staff actually gather as much information on the areas as possible. If you need to know the updates to access to Jim Jim Falls in Kakadu, or find the most rugged tour or the most luxurious camping tour, then we either have that information ready or will get it usually that day.

• We offer scheduled daily or regular departures in small and large group accommodated tours.

• We also offer personalised customized private charters. This is a tailored made tour that only you/you group travel on and designed around what you want to see where possible.

• When we book your tour we take into consideration your desires on the type of tour, type of vehicle and size of groups, highlights and type of people you want to be with.

• We work with some of the most respected and trusted names in the tour industry to bring you the best prices, specials, updates and packages as soon as they are made available.

• Our site is updated daily as we work 24 hours a day.

People Choice - Top Adventure Tour Categories or Tour Highlights in Australia: Australia 4 Tours | Goholi | Australia 4wd Rentals Group
Search and find all adventure tours to and from within Australia.

Kakadu small group guided camping tours 'n' accommodated tours

Uluru Ayers Rock small group guided camping tours 'n' accommodated tours

Oneway tours including Kakadu and Uluru with small group guided camping tours 'n' accommodated tours

Fly oneway Alice Springs to Darwin then tour Uluru and Kakadu by guided all terrain vehicles.

Darwin Return tours indicates as example tours starting from Darwin and tours finish in Darwin.

Darwin One Way tours indicates as example tours starting from Darwin and tours finish in Alice Springs.

Fly oneway Alice Springs to Darwin then tour Uluru and Kakadu by guided all terrain vehicles.

Darwin Day tours short on time take time out for an adventure tour for the day

Darwin 4wd safari tours travel some of the way on remote offroad dirt track seeking full-on adventure.

Darwin 18-39's adventure tours Unleashed 18-39's ages tours.

Darwin Adventure tours - for reasonably fit and adventurous persons.

Kakadu Accommodated tours - Discover more of Australia - Explorer tour range was designed with ‘true blue’ adventure seekers in mind.

Darwin Safari Camp tours - Our SAFARI product is designed for those wanting a comfortable but adventurous experience. Whilst not a luxury tour (passengers have to walk to shared shower and toilet facilities), SAFARI is considerably more comfortable than our Explorer and Unleashed tour styles in terms of service and facilities offered.


We get asked many questions when folks want to Kakadu 4 Tours so here is our guide foron Australian tour styles. An adventure safari tour is one generally for fit and adventurous persons usually over 8 years old and under 65 though we have helped many folks in their 70's and even 80's or with young families under 8 years old on selected tours and private customized charters who have been very fit and adventurous persons.

Some people like to travel only with same age adventure travels so tours are especially designed for certain age groups such as over 40's adventure tours or 18-35's adventure tours. All these adventure tours found here are for singles, couples, friends or small groups of friends and we call this DYI adventure tours.

What is the difference between a tour and a safari. In Australia especially in Northern Territory the two words 'tour and 'safari' can often be used together. Traditionally a safari is a African Swahili word safari indicating "long journey", previously used when hunting. A guided safari nowadays as in Australia is for travelling vast distances to observe, photograph and experience close up and in person animals, all other wildlife, natural habitats, national parks, pristine nature spots such as waterfalls and flora and fauna unique to that area.

Whereas an Australian guided 'tour' (being a noun) is traditionally a journey for pleasure in which several different places are visited such as the Great Ocean Road in Victoria and then onto the Great Barrier Reef near Cairns in Queensland. If the trip is from Sydney to Darwin and includes Ayers Rock Uluru and Kakadu then it may be called a safari tour. A tour can include a spectrum of sites, places, travel styles and activities.

As one of Australia's oldest and most respected tour specialists based in Darwin Northern Territory Australia we offer you if you wish to Kakadu 4 Tours a selection of tour companies with experienced guides and well maintained vehicles to get the best out of a limited holiday plan for your next vacation. We discounts and packages we will offer you valve for your next holiday.

The Tour Difference

• Scheluded tours operate and depart daily or multiple times weekly.
• As the Northern Territory's leading small group safari companies, the operatosr run tours to some of Australia's most famous landmarks including Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kakadu National Park.
• From the tropical Top End to the spiritual heart of the Red Centre, from Aboriginal Culture to abundant wildlife - experienced guides will help you discover the best of this unique and special state.
• The tour operator is an award winning company specialising in active, small group safaris for the adventurous traveller.
• We offer an extensive range of tours exploring the highlights and hidden delights of the Northern Territory, Central Australia, The Top End, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, Western Australia and Tropical North Queensland.
• Their tours are nature-based with the emphasis on the unique scenery, wildlife and Aboriginal culture of each area and they cater for everyone from the fit and adventurous who want to get off the beaten track to those who prefer the sound of ‘soft adventure’ and more comfortable facilities!

We are based in Darwin Northern Territry and is proudly Australian owned, Australian licensed and locally operated. Goholi-Australia 4 Wheel Drive Rentals Group - Australia is one of the Northern Territory's leading small group safari, sightseeing, charter, tour and selfdrive specialists' it is a Darwin Northern Territory Travel Agent License.

Goholi-Australia 4 Wheel Drive Rentals Group - Darwin Australia
Tel: International +61 8 7999 7511
Witihin Australia Free call 1800 107 371
Email: info@australia4tours.com


Our very experienced Northern Territory staff offering personal serivce for you if you wish to Kakadu 4 Tours with extended camping adventure tour across Australia. We will help you discover the best of these unique and special tours offers across Australia with camping safaris to one day sight seeing coach trips, eco tours australia adventure camping safaris in Kakadu National Park and Uluru (Ayers Rock) from Alice Springs and Ayers Rock Resort (Uluru) in Northern Territory. We seek out tours from only reputable experienced tour companies to some of Australia's most famous landmarks including Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park (Ayers Rock) and Kakadu National Park. From the tropical Top End to the spiritual heart of the Red Centre, from Aboriginal Culture to abundant wildlife - then onto Adelaide and Cairns we have sourced an excellent range of tours for your next vacation in Australia. Our experienced staff have collectively over 30 years in the travel industry will help you as we have done with thousand's of other travellers in the past discover the best of these unique tour destinations within Australia and our special tours offers so consider to Kakadu 4 Tours.

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